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Personal Chef Samples


We offer a wider variety of personal chef services than most barbecue chefs.

Not only do we offer traditional barbecue with appropriate side dishes, but we offer high end culinary dishes as well.  Here is just a few examples of what we offer our clients.

Cheese Plate

I made this for a 'Movie Night" with my wife.  An appetizer tray of hand selected cheeses, ripe fruit, fresh bread and a complimenting wine.

Chimney-Charred Tuna

Sushi grade Ahi tuna, quickly seared and served with wild rice and blackened wonton chips

Grilled Lobster

Fresh lobster grilled with basil butter.  Served with fresh grilled vegetables and grilled fruit salad.

Porterhouse Steak

The classic porterhouse cooked to desired temp, better than at any restaurant!  Served with sweet potato chips and balsamic onions

Salt-crusted Prime Rib

The ultimate in beef!  Prime grade beef slow smoked while encased in salt until perfectly done.  Served with sour cream horseradish sauce, asparagus and smoke-baked potatoes.

You won't believe the flavor!

Armadillo Eggs

Great for breakfast, appetizers or sandwiches, Armadillo Eggs are stuffed sausage with a variety of fillings to suit the occasion or your own taste.  There's no limit to the varieties, and you'll wonder why you never had sausage like this before!

Chocolate/Coffee Creme Fraiche

A decadent chocolate pudding that's almost a cheesecake, with a nice touch of coffee liqueur.  So rich and so good!

Grilled Caramel Pears

Fresh, ripe pears grilled with a hint of muscovado sugar and cinnamon, then drizzled with luxurious hot caramel.  If desired, topped with scoop of vanilla bean ice cream

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