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Bodacious Blues-BQ 2006 Pictures

Photos from our third competition
May 19, 20, 2006


Bucky McOinkum's Booth
I got a lot more photos at Carmel this year.  As we do this more, we find we have more downtime, so I tried to get some shots to share to let people see what a competition might look like.  Here's a shot of our booth, with Mark, me and Tony Hunter of Indy Smokehouse BBQ.  Tony joined us for the comp, and was a huge help again!

This is a team that were competing for the first time, and I'm more than sure they did better than we did!

You see just about anything at a comp for a booth.  We've gone from a bunch of cardboard boxes and a borrowed EZ Up to having a trailered smoker and a closed trailer with better organized bins and multiple EZ Ups.  Some people have inside kitches with AC, and some just show up with the least they can get by with... And you never know which of those are going to be the best!

Pepperitaville seem to always do well in comps.  They took 5th overall in Carmel, and you'll see their name in results in about any comp they do.  On top of that, they support other teams really well.  Todd has yet to take me up on the offer of a beer, but they cheer on other teams as much as they do themselves.

Brian Pearcy is the BBQ Guy, and he's another one that will show up in the results of about any comp he cooks in.  On top of that, he's got a great blog, and he and his wife a really nice.  I got a chance to talk to them briefly in Carmel, and I hope to have more chances as I do more comps.  Linda does her own blog, too.  Brian took an 8th overall at Carmel.

I didn't get a chance to meet Snake Pit BBQ.  They took a 3rd overall.  They obviously have sponsors... And we're not against sponsors!  If you know of anyone wanting to sponsor a team, send me their name!

Anything Butt - Pit Beef
Our Anything Butt entry was my version of pit beef.  We smoked a top round with Red Gold chipotle tomatoes on it, then sliced very thinly and served on small artisanal buns with sour cream horseradish sacue.  I thought it looked good, but we didn't do much in the judging.  It was just dinner for us, so I wasn't too upset.

Prep outside is a different thing altogether than doing it in a kitchen!  The biggest organization is needed for food prep, and you learn right away what you need to change.  A lot of teams build up table legs to give better height so they can stand and do all the work.
Brisket Prep

pork prep
It was a great day, with really nice temps, to set up and start prep.  We were against a fence, so we had kind of a wall to use, but our space was more than big enough for us.  Carmel is definitely a comp we'll do again (and hopefully do much better in!)

We tried something new with chicken by cooking it at a higher temp.  As you can see, it came out a bit dark.  Well, the judges hated it... We took next to last (the closest we've come to last so far!)  The scores were a bit all over, but that's part of the game.
Chicken Turn in

WRib Turn in
We fared a bit better in ribs, coming in 28th of 38.  They got a bit dark, but tasted good.  Part of a comp is getting judges that either like or don't like what you've made; I thought these were better than how we did, but it will definitely help us get better.

We tried to do more 'chunks' of pork this time, and it backfired!  We ended up with 35th.  I really didn't get this, as the pork tasted great, and I thought it looked great, too.
Pork Turnin

Brisket Turn in
We turned in some burnt ends with our brisket.  Fortunately, this worked for us, and we kind of redeemed the comp for ourselves by getting an 11th in brisket, our best finish in any category to date!

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