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Bodacious Blues-BQ 2005 Pictures

Photos from our first competition!


BMO Team
This is the Bucky McOinkum's Barbecue team.  Left to Right:
Curt McAdams, Phyllis McAdams, Tommy Peebles, Mark Peebles and Elizabeth Peebles.

This is Jimmy's Hog Pen, another team from the Dayton, Ohio, area. 
They were not only a lot of fun, but Jimmy was a help
 at the competition and well before it.

Pepperitaville... Todd and Connie are great people, and have been having a lot of success.  Todd still hasn't stopped by for a beer, so next time, I'll have to take one to him!

Here's the chicken getting its Bourbecue glaze!
cooking chicken

Ribs acookin'!
Ribs getting ready to come off the smoker.  These were made using Phyllis's homemade apple butter.

The Bucky McOinkum's Barbecue team relaxing in the evening while the butts and brisket are cooking.

Our first turn in box... Chicken with a bourbon brine and Bourbecue sauce.

Babyback ribs turn in box.  We used an apple butter base before adding rub, and then added just a touch of glaze at the end of cooking.  They had good flavor, but weren't great.
rib turn in

pork turn in
Pulled pork turn in.  It was pretty good, but we didn't know anything about how to really present it well.

Our brisket turn in box looked great.  The brisket was probably a bit too thinly sliced, and it was a bit dried out.  It was a good first try, though.
Brisket turn in

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